Flip Flop Art

Private: Flip Flop Art

New series of videos on how to decorate your flip flops using nylon thread. 

There are four videos in this series:

What you need.

Part 1: What you need to get started with your project. These things include the flip flop itself and the other supplies and tools required.

Preparing the thread

Part 2: Here you will cut and prepare your thread for to begin the knotting process

Knotting the thread

Part 3: This is where you will learn to macrame or knot the threads around the flipflop.

Decorating the Flip Flop

Part 4: Decorations, there are so many options for you to decorate your sandal, I will give you a few here.

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July 11, 2018

Private: Flip Flop Art

The base flip flop is made of 100% rubber. These are not the cheap foam flip flops you get at a craft store. My flip flops here are made in Brazil by a company called Cariris, distributed in the USA. They are very durable and will not get all squished up after a few uses.

To make them pretty, I use macrame knotting technique to cover the straps, adding a crochet flower on the top.

I am selling them locally for now, so if you are in the Visalia, Fresno and Clovis area, I’ll be glad to meet with you. Size and prize is bellow the picture. If it is not your size but you like the colors I’ll do my best to replicate it in your size. Contact me on Facebook :

My facebook page

Size 8/9 $30
Size 8/9 $30
Size 8/9 $35 2” heel
Size 5/6 $30
Size 7 $30


Size 8/9 $35 2” heel
Size 8/9 $30
February 1, 2017